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" The time to build a network is

always before you need one. "

-  Douglas Conant


  • Share your past and present experiences about your work, hobbies or study.

  • Describe your experience of working in a group or a team. Provide on tips how to do it efficiently. 

  • Mention your learnings from various events and competitions as a participant, volunteer or even as a part of an audience. 

  • Describe your travelling experiences. Suggest good books to read. Post your travelogues and book reviews (and more) in "Alumni Connect".

  • Tell us about your experience in social work. Request volunteers through "Events" section of the website.

Share Experience


  • Find opportunities to give back to society in terms of time, effort or financial support.

  • Watch out for events where you can volunteer in the "Alliance Calendar".

  • Volunteer for support in GDS events, donate books to school library, share your learning and experience with students, conduct workshops, teach a class, etc.

  • Help and support the community as best as possible through various awareness programs, cleanliness drives, animal welfare, etc.

  • Take initiative on "Alumni Connect" to organize such events. Use the "Alliance Calendar" to get fellow volunteers. 

Giving Opportunities


  • Subscribe to each others social media and channels.

  • Help with projects.

  • Provide contacts and expand your network.

  • Volunteer for help and support for different events.

  • Answer queries in "Quick Questions".

  • Mention interesting career and job opportunities.

Support Each Other

" The  value  of  networking 

is  not  measured  by

the number  of  people  we  meet, 

but  by  the  number  of  people  we 

introduce  to  others. "

- Simon Sinek

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